Engine Repair

Engine Repair Services in Geneva, Illinois

Please consider Dave Stevens and Stevens Automotive Repair for repairing and tuning your engine. Today’s engines require top notch testing equipment, but it only starts there. The Yellow Engine Indicator Light only tells you something is out of range.

Engine Repair Services
Automotive Engine Repair
Timing Belt Adjustment
Timing Belt Stevens Automotive Way

What Stevens Automotive excels at is getting at the root cause of the problem. Dave and his team start with the Error Code and do true diagnostic work to find out what’s wrong and then fixes it.

Engine Rebuilding
Corvette Engine Rebuild

Dave has built several race cars (9 second cars) as well as regularly rebuilds engines for your regular transportation vehicle.

To the side is a picture of rebuilt engine for a corvette client of Dave’s. We look forward to maintaining or rebuilding your engine.


Stevens Automotive and Engine Repair in Geneva, Illinois

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